‘We had more fun making that movie’

Date: November 18, 2013

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Blues Brothers 2000, the belated sequel to 1980’s blockbuster Blues Brothers, wouldn’t be as heralded as the first — and that’s in no small way because original star John Belushi was gone. Yet, Steve Cropper might just have better memories the second time around.

“My good buddy, (MGs bassist) Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn, and I both said we had more fun making that movie than we did the first one,” Cropper tells Michael Berry. “Maybe we had premonitions about what our role would be, maybe we were nervous about being in the movie (during the original shoot). That was one thing that the first movie accomplished: The powers than be in Hollywood told (initial stars) Dan (Akyroyd) and John that without question your band will not be in this movie — period. You know, ‘we’re not going to try to teach a bunch of musicians how to act. We’ll use actors.’ Well, they turned out to be wrong. I guess John and Danny called their bluff on it.”