Insomnia Studio


Insomnia Studio is a laboratory for significant advances in cutting edge sound. It’s home to 32 tracks of incredible SONY digital audio. So as not to alienate those still close to the analog world, Insomnia houses alongside its’ SONY machines, a vintage MCI 16-track, 2 inch analog machine.
We charge $850.00 per day with engineer. We also mainly work budgets per project. For example, fully tracked songs from demo $1,500.00 per song to record $3,500.00 per song.


For booking and more info, please contact:
Eddie Gore
Insomnia Studio
119 17th Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203






The Gear


Mic Selection:

Shure sm 57
Shure sm 58
Neumann 87
(2) AKG 414 c12
(2) Geffell UM70s
(2) Sennheiser 421
Electro Voice RE20
Neumann 103
Shure beta52a
Yamaha sub KIK
Royer 101
(2) Neumann KM 184
Peavey T9000
AKG 391
Avatone CV 12


Pro-tools 9.4
Logic 10
(2) digidesign 192


TRIDENT series 75


Yamaha Maple Custom
Soultone Custom Cymbals


Main room
Acoustic Isolation Room
Vocal Isolation Room
Amp Isolation Room


Drawmer DL241
TC Electronicsd system 6000
Manley Pultec eq
(2) Aphex 661